5 Things You Should Never Say or Do with an Insurance Adjuster

Car accidents and any resulting injuries are challenging to cope with and the barrage of questions you are likely to receive from the defendant’s insurer makes it even more difficult. While there is nothing anyone can do to avoid such probing, there are several things you should never say or do when dealing with an insurance adjuster.

1. Never Admit Fault

Never admit fault for an accident, especially if you were not at fault. Many people can feel empathy for the at-fault party, which can lead to them wanting to sympathize or minimize that person’s guilt. However, keep in mind that any admissions can affect the size of your settlement offer. Also depending on your state, any admission may negate the claim you currently have. Therefore, do not admit to being distracted, listening to music, talking, or anything of the like. An adjuster is looking for any excuse to reduce the insurer’s exposure and liability.

2. Never Make a Recorded Statement

Depending on the extent of your injuries, an insurance adjuster may make a home or even a hospital visit. While the initial chatting might seem pleasant, it will likely all lead to the adjuster asking if they can record your conversation. Do not allow this. They do not need a recorded statement.

3. Never Provide Medical Information

While it might seem routine for an insurance adjuster to ask about the extent of your injuries and any treatment plans, you do not have to answer any of these questions. In fact, it is best to avoid these questions altogether by stating that you will disclose such information in a demand letter to the insurance company.

4. Never Speculate About the Accident

Speculation is never a good idea, especially when dealing with insurance representatives. Stick to the facts and keep your responses to questions short. Do not feel the need to explain any hunches or feelings involving or surrounding the cause or event.

5. Never Say “Yes” to the First Offer

Insurance adjusters are often good at their job, which means they are good at making you feel comfortable and like they are on your side, even though they are not. They are employees of the insurance company. Therefore, the first offer they make, while it might seem generous, is likely less than they expect to pay if things go to the negotiation table or trial. So never say, “yes,” to their first offer.

Insurance adjusters are intelligent people who have a job to do. Your best defense against their tactics is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Green Bay, WI, who can argue on your behalf. Contact a local attorney to discuss the specifics of your claim.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim Attorneys at Law for their insight into the things you should never say to an insurance adjuster after an accident.