When you believe that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, you may not be sure who to report it to. Do you simply report it to the manager or supervisor at the nursing home? Is there another channel you can go through? Do you need an attorney? Attorneys believe that you should take nursing home abuse extremely seriously, especially because the victims of nursing home abuse likely are unable to defend themselves. When you suspect that someone is abusing your loved one at a nursing home, do not hesitate to call a law office to see how they can help you. 

How does nursing home abuse happen?

Unfortunately, there are many ways that nursing home abuse can happen and there are many signs to look out for. Your loved one may have experienced nursing home abuse in the form of:

·      Physical Abuse

·      Sexual Abuse

·      Emotional Abuse

·      Financial Abuse, or

·      A Combination of These

Common Warning Signs of Abuse

There are many common warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. Some signs to look out for are:

·      A lack of hygiene

·      A loss of finances or excessive gift-giving

·      Bruises, scrapes, bedsores, or burns

·      Rapid weight loss

·      A change in behavior

·      Not receiving necessities like food, medicine, or bathing

Where can I go to report the abuse?

When you believe your loved one is a victim, you may be worried that there is not a good place to report this type of abuse. However, there are several means of reporting it. For example, if the situation is an emergency and your loved one needs help immediately, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. Any life-threatening situation should be handled as soon as possible.

If it is not an emergency, one of the first places you can call to report this abuse is Adult Protective Services (APS). They will look into your report and tell you the best next steps to take.

Should a lawyer get involved?

Because there are different ways of reporting nursing home abuse, you may be wondering if an attorney should get involved at all. However, attorneys believe that in addition to reporting this abuse the people who are abusing your loved one should be brought to justice. While nothing can take back the harm that was already done to your loved one, your lawyer, can help get you and your family the resources you need, compensation for damages done, and help make sure that this does not happen to others.