Uber Accident

As peer-to-peer transportation companies like Uber gain more traction, more accidents involving rideshare companies are bound to pop up. Any vehicle that shares the road with you has the risk of being in an accident. If you’re in a collision with an Uber driver, you may catch yourself in a gray area when it comes to compensation. When an Uber driver causes an accident, who pays the medical bills?

Reporting an Uber Accident

After a car accident with an Uber driver, you can contact Uber’s hotline to report accidents. Additionally, third party drivers can fill out the incident notice online. Uber requires you to fill out all relevant information regarding the accident. Once filled out, you can submit the form.

Liability and Uber

Since rideshare services like Uber hire independent drivers, the question of liability may be confusing at first. What you do need to understand is that Uber has insurance on its drivers. This is an additional insurance on top of the driver’s personal insurance for his or her vehicle. When an Uber driver hits you, you may receive compensation from Uber or you may receive it from the driver.

If the Uber driver was in the process of transporting or picking up a passenger for Uber, then you may deal with Uber and Uber’s insurance company. Now, if the driver was between rides, on break or simply not working at that time, then you are only going to receive compensation from the driver or the driver’s personal insurance company. While this might seem complex, a car accident lawyer will be able to help you file a claim against the proper person or company when it comes time to file.

Inspections and Fees

One common complaint against Uber is that there is little regulation when it comes to the driver’s vehicle. In cab services, for instance, cab drivers must undergo regular inspections and testing. With Uber, a passenger uses an app to find an available driver. These types of oversights can look bad when it comes to fault and liability when it comes to Uber car accidents.

While peer-to-peer transportation may seem similar to taxi services, the legalities surrounding it are different. There are different liabilities in place, due to the nature of the company. If you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, it’s crucial that you set up a consultation with a lawyer right away. He or she will help lead you through the process of establishing liability.

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