When Injury And Discrimination Collide

Civil rights are those rights afforded to Americans by the U.S. Constitution and by certain federal laws. In particular, civil rights concern freedom, equality, and the ability of all peoples in America to live their lives free of the pains and burdens associated with unlawful and immoral forms of discrimination. When an individual’s civil rights are violated, that individual is generally able to seek justice in the courts. For example, if a new mother is unceremoniously fired from her job because she took a legally protected leave of absence to care for herself and for her new baby after it was born, that new mother can speak with an employment discrimination attorney in order to pursue legal and financial recourse.

Tragically, the indignity of a civil rights violation can also occur simultaneously sometimes with circumstances that lead the victim to sustain injury. A high-profile example of how this can occur involves hate crimes. During the course of a hate crime, an individual is targeted – usually in a violent way – as a result of their membership in a protected class. When a hate crime occurs, it is a violation of the victim’s civil rights, a violation of criminal law, and if the victim is injured as a result of the hate crime, the situation also provides the victim with strong grounds upon which to file a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrator.

Seeking Justice When Justice Is Required

As an experienced civil rights injury lawyer in Oregon – including those who practice at Andersen Morse & Linthorst – can confirm, it isn’t always easy for the victims of civil rights injury scenarios to bring themselves to explore their legal options. Understandably, injury victims who have also suffered the indignities of targeted discrimination can feel so overwhelmed by a host of emotions that they can become defeated at the very idea of seeking justice. After all, if there was justice in the world, none of this would have happened, right?

While nothing can make up for what happens to someone who has suffered a civil rights injury, seeking restitution via a personal injury lawsuit can help to bring some measure of justice to the victim and their loved ones. Additionally, pursuing rightful compensation can help to ensure that none of the financial consequences that are incurred in the wake of the injurious circumstances impacts the finances of the victim or their family.