NIt’s an unfortunate fact that when a collision occurs between a truck and a passenger vehicle, somebody is likely to get hurt. Very often, it’s the occupants of the passenger vehicle who sustain the most serious injuries. If the truck jackknifes, it may collide with several other vehicles as well. As a result, there may be additional injuries or fatalities. Because the trucking company is perceived to have the deepest pockets among those involved, the injury claims are often directed at them. The trucker is an easy target, which puts their employer in the hot seat. Is this what your company is going through right now? In addition to hiring an attorney to protect you on the legal front, you might consider hiring a PR firm to protect your company’s hard-earned reputation.

Inevitably, each party will hire their own law firm to point the finger at the trucking company. The ensuing litigation may steamroll into a chaotic situation involving attorneys, injury claims, and bad publicity for the trucking company and their driver. If this has happened to your company, you may need more than a good attorney; you may need a PR company to stem the bleeding.

If one of your drivers was involved in a serious injury or fatality accident, your company’s reputation is at stake and your bottom line could take a beating in a hurry. A PR firm, like a public relations agency in New York, New York such as Goldman McCormick PR, is familiar with the havoc that litigation can cause for our clients. We help them control the damage that might otherwise do irreparable harm to their company. Though we cannot reverse the tragic events associated with an accident, we can help contain the aftermath and work toward a positive resolution.

Public Perception is Everything

Regardless of the facts of the case, when people talk about the accident that occurred, your company’s name will very likely be mentioned. Why? Brand recognition. Unless one or more of the occupants in the other vehicle is a celebrity or well-known in the community, your company will be the only familiar name to most people. If a fatality resulted from the accident, rightly or wrongly, your company will be associated with their death; it will not be possible to stay under the radar. This is a difficult position to be in. Should you publicly respond to the allegations and risk misspeaking or being misinterpreted? How should you state your position? What media format should you choose to make a statement? These are all important questions that must be carefully considered, and having an experienced PR firm guide your company over the hurdles can make all the difference. [PR firm] works closely with our clients to release only the information that must be shared with the public, and to do so in such a way that does not add fuel to the fire. Getting in front of a bad situation is one thing, but doing it incorrectly can be catastrophic.

If your company is on the verge of litigation, or has already been drawn into a lawsuit, don’t be tried twice in the court of public opinion; call a PR firm to learn how they can help you get through this difficult chapter.