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A personal injury Lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen clients depend on at our law firm understand that suffering from an accident can leave victims worried about their health and finances. We can imagine the stress you are under and hope that we can help you during this very difficult time. We can handle a variety of tasks for you related to representation, paperwork, insight, and clarify confusions about what your options are and what’s to come. If you or someone you care for deeply has sustained injury and financial loss because of another party, we urge you to call us right now. 

What are the different types of personal injury accidents?
There are many ways that we may find ourselves involved in an accident. Perhaps we were in a car wreck, equipment or tools malfunctioned, we slipped and fell at work, or something else entirely. What makes personal injury accidents different from other instances in which we get injured, is when another person or entity was responsible for what happened. Here are real-life examples of what constitutes as a personal injury case:

Premises Liability
Accidents that occur because of a defective or dangerous condition on the property is categorized under premises liability. Accidents can happen in grocery stores, gas stations, rental property, swimming pool, restaurants, malls, and more. 

Medical Malpractice
When nurses, doctors, or the hospital is negligent, it can cause serious injury to their patients. Types of medical malpractice often include improper treatment, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, medication errors, birth injuries, and more. Cases of medical malpractice are complex, and may require intervention from a personal injury lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland from our law firm. Many patients just aren’t sure whether their situation qualies as medical malpractice. We can assess the circumstances and let you know what your options are moving forward.  

Wrongful Death
When a person is killed because of another’s carelessness, this constitutes a wrongful death case. Many wrongful death lawsuits arise due to car acidents, nursing home mistreatment, and workplace accidents. However, wrongful death situations are not just limited to these. If you suspect someone was at-fault for your relative’s passing, please get a consultation from our law office as soon as you can. 

Product Liability
Products that were dangerous or defective can lead to severe injury in the consumers. An important element of a product liability case is proving that harm was caused even when the item was used as intended. Examples of harmful products can include children’s toys, vehicle parts, medical devices, consumer products, toxic chemicals, and more. If you were physically harmed from using an item, then there may have been an error during the design, manufacturing, or marketing stages of production.

This is not a complete list of all the possible personal injury accident scenarios. If any of the information here resonates with a situation you or someone you love is going through, then call Cohen and Cohen at our Bethesda, MD personal injury lawyer today.