Car Accident Medical Bills

When you’re injured in a car accident, you often find yourself with a lot to take care of. Your car needs repairs, you have to deal with the insurance companies, you find yourself at medical appointments and you may also have to deal with drama from the other driver. You might have a lot of questions, including how you’re going to pay all the medical bills that are beginning to roll in. The following are just a few options you could have.

The At-Fault Party’s Insurance Coverage

Supposing the at-fault driver has full liability coverage, you can file a claim to receive coverage that way. If the at-fault driver does not have full coverage, you may be able to receive partial compensation and would have to figure out something else for the remaining balances.

Suing the At-Fault Party

If the driver at fault doesn’t have complete coverage or no insurance at all, you could work with your lawyer to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. It’s possible you will receive a greater payout in this situation, so it’s often a good route to take. Of course, while you’re waiting for the final settlement, you will more than likely have to find a way to pay your medical bills until the settlement compensates the costs.

Your Personal Injury Coverage

PIP coverage protects you when the at-fault driver does not have insurance to cover your medical bills. Most PIP coverage has a limit of something like $3,000, and when that limit is reached, the coverage simply stops and you are on your own from there. It is a part of your auto insurance, so speak with your provider to see what type of coverage you have.

 Your Personal Health Insurance

If you are properly insured, you probably have personal health insurance. If you have exhausted all your resources, you can turn to your health insurance to cover your medical bills. If you are in the middle of a lawsuit and hoping for a large settlement, insurance can cover the bills for the time being. After you receive your settlement, a portion of it will generally be returned to your health insurance provider as compensation for the amount that was paid.

Learn More by Contacting an Attorney

To learn more about where compensation comes from after you have been in a car accident, contact an attorney. You may have resources through different types of insurance, and you may have resources through a lawsuit. Let your lawyer, like an auto accident lawyer in Tampa, FL from Jeff Murphy Law, guide you in doing what would be best for your situation.