In the wake of a personal injury auto accident, many things can come at you fast. There are expenses from ambulance services and the hospital, follow up visits, medicines and even rehabilitation if things are serious. It can all leave you wondering just who’s supposed to pay for all of this? The reality is that on top of all of the general stress of a car accident, you’re expected to pay for the aftermath. If you’ve just faced an accident and are struggling to decide what steps to take next, this is the article for you.

Do I Pay From My Settlement

Most people don’t have experience with facing a serious accident. They commonly believe that you have to wait for a settlement before you pay your medical bills. That’s simply not true. In fact, a settlement can take months to negotiate even if your case doesn’t go to trial. In the meantime,you are expected to pay for the hospital and doctors bills that you receive. Failure to do so could result in serious repercussions for your credit. Fortunately, there are failsafes to help you pay.

No-Fault Insurance

In many states, your Personal Injury Protection – or PIP – no fault insurance will help you pay for your initial bills regardless of fault.  You will want to check your state’s individual rules, but in general, PIP may cover:

  • $10,000 for medical bills if a doctor determines you have an emergency medical condition
  • $2,500 for medical bills if you are not deemed to have an emergency medical condition
  • Lost wages up to $10,000

This is a great start, but for many people it isn’t enough. In the case of a shortfall, most people will rely on their standard health insurance. Like PIP, most health insurance plans also have limitations. Once you’ve exhausted PIP and your health insurance, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you find more resources.

Paying Bills

A popular misconception is that your personal injury attorney pays bills prior to you receiving any settlement. In truth, attorneys typically keep track of costs so they know the appropriate amount to request for settlement. Later, when your settlement is reached, your personal injury attorney may help you navigate any money you have to give the insurance company back.

An automobile accident is never pleasant and it can be even less so when big bills start piling up. Know your options. Talk to a personal injury attorney to learn more about navigating accident expenses.