Pedestrian accidents are usually most common in busy cities but can happen almost anywhere. Driver inattention, speeding and aggressive driving often cause these incidents and can result in serious injury or even death. If you find yourself involved in a pedestrian accident and the driver is reluctant to call the police to the scene, there may be several reasons why he or she does not want the authorities to become involved, no matter the circumstances of the accident itself.

1. The Driver Has Been Drinking

Consuming even a few alcoholic beverages can slow a driver’s response time once they get behind the wheel. If this was the cause of the accident, the driver likely knows he or she will be charged with driving under the influence. Some drunk drivers do not appear visibly inebriated, but they may have consumed just enough alcohol that it affected their judgement. If you suspect alcohol was the cause of the accident, it is wise to summon the police right away.

2. No License or Insurance

Some drivers may be on the road without the proper permits or driving in cars that are not covered by any type of insurance. This can be especially common in rural areas, where people learn to drive while they are young and become confident on the road even when they are not licensed. However, this can result in hefty fines for drivers if they are caught, and they may even be permanently suspended from driving. If the driver who hit you cannot produce insurance information and wants to settle the matter privately, it is a good idea to report the accident anyway to protect yourself.

3. Unpaid Traffic Tickets

It is common for a driver to act panicky after a pedestrian accident, but it may be because he or she has outstanding traffic tickets that the cops are sure to discover once they arrive. If the driver tries to leave the scene once you call the police, do not try to stop this from happening. Snap a photo of the car or license plate if possible, but it is important that you do not place yourself in further danger.

4. Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle

A driver may ask you not to call the police because the car being driven does not belong to him or her. It may be stolen or borrowed without the owner’s permission. Avoid confrontation if you suspect this is the case and have a witness or onlooker call the police on your behalf.

Drivers may try to prevent police involvement after they cause a pedestrian accident. If you are struggling with receiving financial compensation after being struck, call an experienced pedestrian accident attorney today for assistance.

Source: Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner