What To Expect at a Wedding Taste Testing

The food served at your wedding will play an influential role in the entire experience. Many of your guests are going to be looking forward to the food that is provided for them to enjoy. Thus, you don’t want to offer them a meal to be disappointed with. Most wedding vendors offer a taste test before you book. In this way, you can see and taste the food that will be served for the big day.

What to anticipate at the wedding tasting.

Before the session, you may be asked about what your expectations are if there are any food allergies or requests, and what looks most intriguing to you on the current menu. The tasting allows people to sample items on the menu before the event. You’ll get an in-person view of the food, not just through photographs and descriptions.

Keep the tasting group small.

If your caterer offers a tasting session at no cost, then consider bringing only a few others whose opinion matters to you for the big day. Then, you aren’t distracted by so many voices chipping in, and you can try more of the portion provided. If you have a wedding planner, they should be at the tasting too, as they can watch out for potential issues in the food quality and service. 

Pay attention to the dish being served.

Try not to get caught up in personal conversation when at your caterer’s tasting. It can be easy to get carried away in dialogue with those who came with you, but it may seem rude to the caterer and staff. Respect everyone’s time and effort, and consider bringing a notepad and camera with you. 

When going to a wedding taste testing, keep the group intimate and be in the moment as example dishes are being served. As a planner can attest, trying the food before your special day can make all the difference.